Chitlang Activities
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Chitlang Activities

This peaceful Chitlang village, nestled among hills, is only a few hours from Kathmandu and free of its bustle. It gives tourists the best opportunity to immerse themselves in natural beauty and a simple way of life. Chitlang is a historic Newar village. It is a small village just 22 kilometers south of Kathmandu. This village is positioned south of Chandragiri hill, at 1833 meters. It is a lovely, picturesque village that showcases many Nepalese cultures and rural ways of living.


In Chitlang village, you can find people of various ethnic backgrounds, including Newar, Tamang, and Bahun. This town in Chitlang, Nepal, has yet to undergo modernization. But it allows the guests to immerse themselves in nature and a simple way of living. Although the journey to Chitlang can be rough, the scenery is open and stunning.


Activities in Chitlang Nepal:

Chitlang has much to offer a traveler who appreciates beauty in the simplest things. Perhaps you will find pleasure in the following acts of exploration: