Festivals in Chitlang: Celebrating Culture and Tradition
Aug 20, 2023

Festivals in Chitlang: Celebrating Culture and Tradition

Festivals in Chitlang: Celebrating Culture and Tradition
  • Aug 20, 2023

Chitlang is a charming Nepali village with a rich cultural history located just 28 km far from the capital city of Kathmandu.

Welcome to Chitlang Festivals

Chitlang is a charming Nepali village with a rich cultural history located just 28 km far from the capital city of Kathmandu. Chitlang celebrates a variety of festivals all over the year to show its rich history and culture. In addition to offering a time for joy and celebration, these festivals provide a way to improve local bonding, safeguard cultural heritage, and promote tourism in Chitlang. In this article we will study different major festivals celebrated in Chitlang, the traditions and rituals linked with them, and how tourists can fully experience this carnival of cultural diversity.

The Importance of Chitlang Festivals

Chitlang festivals have great significance for the community and the region. They preserve cultural heritage, strengthen community connections, and promote tourism. Here is the importance of these festivals:

  • Preserving Cultural Heritage

    Chitlang’s festivals have established themselves in the cultural practices that have been carried down through the ages. These festivals provide the region’s rich cultural legacy a platform to be preserved and celebrated. Visitors get the chance to observe centuries-old practices, rituals, and traditional forms of art that have been carefully and passionately preserved.

  • Strengthening Community Bonds

    The festivals celebrated in Chitlang, Nepal hold great significance in strengthening community bonds. These festivals, such as Maghe Sankranti, Chitlang Mahotsav, and Sithi Nakha, are deeply rooted in the local culture and traditions. They help locals and visitors community to immerse themselves in the lively culture of Chitlang and show the rich culture of the community. The primary aim of these festivals is to remove and defeat evil spirits that harm living beings and develop unity and togetherness among the community members. Through these festivals, the people of Chitlang come together, involve in traditional customs and rituals, and strengthen their bonds, creating a strong sense of community spirit.

  • Promoting Tourism

    Through these cultural practices, people from local as well as international levels get more recognition about the practices and increase the tourist attractions. Tourists from different parts of Nepal and the world will get to experience authentic cultural celebrations, local interactions and gain more knowledge about the region’s culture. These authentic festivals help the tourists to convenience their close ones to visit the place to experience such practices and increase tourists density which ultimately enhances the tourism sector of the whole country. Thus, festivals play a vital role in promoting tourism and creating economic opportunities for the locals.

Major Festivals Celebrated in Chitlang

We can experience festivals throughout the year in Chitlang Oout of them, here are the major festivals celebrated in Chitlang:

a) Maghe Sankranti

Maghe Sankranti marks the beginning of the Nepali month of Magh. Maghe Sankranti is considered a harvest festival, This festival is celebrated with great importance in Chitlang. On this day after waking up early People take a holy dip in the Indra Sarovar lake and participate in religious ceremonies. Delicious local delicacies like ghee, molasses(chakku), and sesame sweets are prepared and shared among friends and family.

b) Maha Shivratri

Maha Shivratri, the night dedicated to Lord Shiva, is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Chitlang. Devotees embark on a spiritual journey to the ancient Shiva temple, “Sakberiya Mahadev,” located amidst the beautiful hills of Chitlang. The temple premises come alive with vibrant decorations, chants, and offerings made to Lord Shiva. This festival offers a serene and introspective experience for visitors.

c) Teej Festival

Teej, mainly celebrated by women, is a festival that symbolizes the devotion and dedication of wives towards their husbands. Women dressed in red attire come together to pray for the well-being and longevity of their spouses. Dance performances, fasts, and melodious folk songs create an atmosphere filled with joy and celebration.

d) Naag Panchami

Naag Panchami, the festival dedicated to the serpent god, is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Chitlang. Devotees worship snake idols and offer prayers for protection against snake bites. It is a day to celebrate the power and beauty of snakes and to seek their blessings. Folk dances, processions, and cultural shows centered around snakes contribute to the festive spirit.

e) Dashain and Tihar

Dashain and Tihar are two grand festivals celebrated back-to-back in Chitlang. The festivals of Dashain and Tihar are among the most significant and vibrant celebrations in the whole of Nepal. Dashain, a 15-day festival, is dedicated to the goddess Shakti and emphasizes family, community, truth, justice, and virtue. It involves various activities like flying kites and making bamboo swings.

Tihar is a five-day festival, also known as the Festival of Lights that has tribute to humans, gods, and animals. During Tihar, people take care of animals, worship goodness, and offer delicious sweets to god. These festivals symbolize the win of good over evil and bring people together in celebration, and provide a sense of unity and togetherness. During these festivals, Chitlang is filled with colorful lights, and households perform various religious rituals and pujas. Music, dance performances, and vibrant traditional attire further enhance the festive ambiance.

Experience The Chitlang Village Resort in Nepal

To truly immerse oneself in the magical world of Chitlang festivals, there are several aspects that visitors can explore:

i) Exploring the Locality

Apart from the festivals, Chitlang offers breathtaking natural beauty. Visitors can take leisurely walks through lush green fields, hike on picturesque trails, or explore nearby attractions like Kulekhani Reservoir and Markhu Village. These activities provide a refreshing break from the festivities and allow visitors to connect with nature.

ii) Savory Local Cuisine

Chitlang is known for its delicious and traditional food. Visitors can eat locally made treats including Yak cheese and Aila (a local alcoholic beverage). The delicious food experience is made by using traditional cooking techniques and locally obtained products.

iii) Accommodation Options

We can find a range of accommodation options from homestays to eco-friendly resorts in Chitlang to experience the festivals in the middle of nature. One of them is Chitlang village resort. It offers organic practices and offers the best of services in the whole chilling. Staying with local families provides an authentic cultural experience and enables guests to take part in the festivities more intimately.

iv) Shopping: Traditional Handicrafts

Chitlang is a charming village in Nepal that is known for its skilled artisans. These artisans create beautiful handicrafts that are infused with local designs and traditions. Visitors can explore the local markets to purchase unique handicrafts, such as Pottery, Handwoven textiles, and Wooden carvings.


Chitlang festivals truly express the happiness of celebrating culture and tradition. As visitors sink into the divine atmosphere of religious rituals, soulful music, lively dances, and mouth-watering feasts, they become a part of the legacy that Chitlang holds dear. People’s Support and participation in these festivals contribute to the preservation of Nepal’s cultural heritage, help in improving community bonds, and create lifelong memories which last forever.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

You can experience festivals throughout the year but the month of September and October is the time to experience the biggest festivals i.e Dashain and tihar. Also you can experience Newari festivals during the month of august.

respecting local customs and traditions is the advisable practices that the visitors must be aware of to follow. Removing shoes before entering temples or local households is common practice and should be followed.

Yes, many festivals provide opportunities for volunteering.

It is recommended to follow safety precautions during festival celebrations. Being mindful of personal belongings, staying hydrated, and maintaining caution while participating in processions are some important safety measures to consider.