Best Resort Near Kathmandu: Explore Chitlang Organic Village
Aug 16, 2023

Best Resort Near Kathmandu: Explore Chitlang Organic Village

Best Resort Near Kathmandu: Explore Chitlang Organic Village
  • Aug 16, 2023

Are you searching for the best resort near Kathmandu that combines comfort, natural beauty, and authentic organic experience?

Best Resort Near Kathmandu

Are you searching for the best resort near Kathmandu that combines comfort, natural beauty, and authentic organic experience? we’ve got you covered! For over 13 years, Chitlang Organic Village Resort has been an extremely fascinating destination for travelers, scholars, and researchers.

Located in the scenic countryside Chitlang offers accommodation in the lap of Charming Chitlang Village which is dominated by Newars. It has been an extremely fascinating destination for travelers all around. Approximately within a 2-3 hours drive in the southwest of Kathmandu takes you to the mesmerizing village of Chitlang enriched with the blend of natural beauty, adventure, and cultural attractions. Chitlang serves to be one of the most preferred destinations for hiking. Totally peaceful environment, the only noise is the chirping of birds. More than two thousand flowering trees and shrubs cover the grounds and are home to butterflies, dragonflies, and nearly 75 species of birds including hoopoes, herons, and kingfishers. The fresh, natural environment coupled with comfortable, well-appointed accommodation, good food, and a lovely outdoor swimming pool make it the perfect place to relax from your daily rush and Ho-Haa.

What Makes Chitlang Organic Village Resort the Right Choice?

Chitlang village resort stands out to be one of the best resorts near Kathmandu, within the duration of just 22 km you can immerse yourself in the top-notch amenities and organic experience.

a) Serenity Nestled in Nature’s Bounty

Who doesn’t yearn for waking up in the lap of serene nature? Chitlang Organic Village makes you wake up to the panoramic views of rolling hills, terraced fields, and vibrant orchids. This resort offers a perfect retreat from the busy and noisy atmosphere.

b) Adventure and Exploration

A destination that entices nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike, the resort provides exhilarating hike trails, and guided nature walks accompanied by chirping birds. Moreover, you can experience the rural lifestyle by visiting the organic farmhouse of Chitlang where various seasonal crops are cultivated and produced solely by natural methods without the use of harmful chemical fertilizers. It also provides first-hand farming experience to farming lovers. Additionally, it offers the chance to view traditional houses, local schools, and arts which fosters culture and tradition exchange.

c) Wellness and Relaxation

In Chitlang there are plenty of things to do! The Chitlang resort offers relaxation to both mind and body. Unwind the resort’s spa and wellness center where you can indulge in rejuvenating treatments inspired by ancient healing practices. Yoga session for fitness enthusiasts.

d) Accommodation Options

This resort has every kind of accommodation available like Tents and Cottage rooms. From cozy cottages to luxury tent houses that have spacious rooms, this resort concerns the needs of every traveler. Moreover, you can enjoy a campfire after an authentic Nepali cuisine dinner and dance with friends and family. Regardless of the choice of your lodging options, Chitlang Village Resort makes sure that you enjoy breathtaking views of the surroundings and feel connected to nature.

e) Budget Friendly

One of the main reasons why Chitlang organic resort is so popular is because of its price. Every kind of local as well as international tourist visits there from students who don’t have enough pockets to businessmen you can find all kinds of people there. Generally, there are two kinds of packages available, one which includes the adventure to Mohini which takes two days while the next one excluding Mohini is of one day. Being on the Budget Friendly side does not make this resort any less adventurous rather you can have an amazing dining experience while they take care of your preferences.

f) Locations

Just a drive of 1 hr 45 mins, you will reach the beautiful village of Chitlang. You can go by public transport, do a bike ride with friends, could hire a vehicle, or can take your private vehicle. Moreover, if you are someone who loves walking, you can hike too. But the best option would be taking a road trip and you must reach the gateway of Kathmandu; Thankot regardless of your vehicle. being next door to Kathmandu is another reason why international tourists can be seen oftentimes.

g) Traditional Lifestyles

Chitlang is famous for maintaining traditional ways of life and culture. Preserving traditional culture and way of life is a significant draw for visitors to Chitlang. The community, mainly made up of Newari people, has successfully held its rituals and way of life, making it a popular travel destination for travelers looking to see authentic Nepalese culture.

They welcome guests with open arms. The village offers a glimpse into the past, with its narrow cobbled streets, ancient buildings, and temples that reflect the artistic and architectural styles of the Newari people. Similarly, visitors can also see a variety of customs and celebrations, such as the Newari New Year and the yearly harvest festival.

h) Boating

Chitlang is famous for boating. It’s a fantastic experience. You can rent a boat and glide along the tranquil waters of the lake, taking in the breathtaking views of the surrounding nature. This serene atmosphere and gentle breeze make it a perfect way to relax and unwind. whether you prefer a leisurely paddle or a thrilling speedboat ride, chilling has options for everyone. Don’t forget to capture some amazing snaps to remember the moment. so when you are in Chitlang don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy boating and create unforgettable memories!

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, the Chitlang village resort offers family friendly accommodation and activities that cater to all age groups.

Chitlang is an ideal place to visit during any season, but if you want to experience the scenic view, spring is your time.

Yes, you can book the package including the visit to Mohini Tal, boating, hiking, and refreshment retreat. In case, you don't like all these activities you can book the package excluding these activities too.