Is Chitlang a Perfect Getaway for Picnic?
Sep 05, 2023

Is Chitlang a Perfect Getaway for Picnic?

Is Chitlang a Perfect Getaway for Picnic?
  • Sep 05, 2023

Chitlang these days has become a traveler’s attraction all thanks to its, serene beauty, peaceful landscape, and natural beauty that seems surreal. The cultural mosaic and gorgeous escape from urban lifestyle, nearby Kathmandu, could be your next ideal picnic spot. Introduction: Why is Chitlang perfect for the Picnic Spot? Chitlang’s serene beauty has the potential […]

Chitlang these days has become a traveler’s attraction all thanks to its, serene beauty, peaceful landscape, and natural beauty that seems surreal. The cultural mosaic and gorgeous escape from urban lifestyle, nearby Kathmandu, could be your next ideal picnic spot.

Introduction: Why is Chitlang perfect for the Picnic Spot?

Chitlang’s serene beauty has the potential to be one of the popular picnic and holiday destinations for nature lovers like you. Chitlang picnic spot offers you melodious sounds of the lush greenery and a pristine terrain where you can embrace the ultimate pleasure of peace and freedom.

You can bring your family, friends, and close ones to camp and picnic in the delightful hills of Chitlang. Not only Chitlang is known for its amazing views and natural mysteries, but the rich history of culture and arts is something that can be cherished in our hearts.

The Charm of Chitlang Picnic Spot

Chitlang Picnic Spot located in the SouthWest of Kathmandu Valley has its own pristine beauty. It is located in the Mahabharat range in the Makwanpur District. The interesting culture of Stupas and the historic visit of Great Emperor Ashoka from India, make it more rich in history and culture.

Chitlang picnic spot is located 27 km away from the urban city of Kathmandu, by the meadows. It lies just below the Changragiri Hills and got its name from the Newari culture, Chaittya Lhown, meaning made of Stones. Even, the grassy fields of Chitlang, chilling and pleasing weather conditions, Single Tree Hill, and the Kulekhani area (Indra Sarobar) are other major delights and charms of Chitlang.

Chitlang rose to its prominence with organic culture, and farming techniques, and even has a rich cultural legacy. The Shikar Dham aka the famous Shiva Temple of Chitlang, built in around the Malla era (1200-1769) is yet another charm of Chitlang.

Even tourists and visitors come here for trekking, visiting historical sites, observing the wilderness of lush forests, and enjoying its geographical diversity. The authentic, beautiful, and gratifying experience at Chitlang is distinctive. Here, you can find a comprehensive guide to Picnic at Chitlang along with adventurous sports.

Planning your Picnic at Chitlang

The breathtaking vistas of Chitlang, accompanied by a tropical forest and middle hills, could be your next destination. You can plan a picnic in Chitlang spot in spring and enjoy the pleasant environment and terrace field. You can come to sunbathe and enjoy quality time with your family on the bright days of winter.

Spring season is an ideal time when you can perform outdoor activities, such as sightseeing in the green fields, temples, villages, and lakes. How to get to the Chitlang picnic spot? You can take a local transportation service from two different routes,

  • Kathmandu- Thankot- Godam- Chitlang
  • Kathmandu- Pharping- Chitlang

Besides this, you can also book the vehicle facility of the Organic Village restaurant and other hotels, resorts, and homestays in Chitlang for a private service. You can also search for a jeep or hire minibusses to take you to the Chitlang picnic spot to captivate the amazing views of the Kathmandu Valley and the Himalayas range.

Things to Do at Chitlang Picnic Spot

You can gear up for an amazing day in your life, You can depart early in the morning and reach your picnic destination, Chitlang approximately a 2 to 3-hour drive from Kathmandu Valley. You can take a moment to pause and praise the Chitlang picnic spot upon arrival and have your breakfast.

Furthermore, you can stroll through the organic hub and the cultural and natural beauty of Chitlang village. With the help of a local guide, you can also observe the old and historic Chitlang Fort. You can have fun while walking, singing, and sharing magical words with your loved ones and picnic buddies. Enjoying your time around in a pleasurable environment as such will add memories to your trail.

You can hike through Kulekhani Dam, have your picnic lunch, and take photos of the breathtaking vistas and Serene beauty of the Organic Village of Chitlang. The ambiance of the village offers relaxation and tranquility to your part of the day. Moreover, you can enjoy the boating facility in the Kulekhani River and even taste the local Cuisine of the organic village to make your day more pleasurable. The charm of Chitlang can be your ideal picnic spot, full of adventures. You can also opt for various activities, like quad bike rides and other adventurous night stays and weekend packages of resorts in the Chitlang picnic spot. Besides this, you can also opt for Picnic Itinerary for Chitlang Organic Village,

  • 8:00 AM: Pick up in Kathmandu.
  • 9:30 AM: Arrive at Thankot and begin the drive to Chitlang.
  • 11:00 AM: Arrive in Chitlang and begin the brief hike to the Chitlang Organic Village Resort.
  • 11:30 AM: Explore the organic farm and discover its sustainable farming methods.
  • 12:30 PM: Delight in an excellent meal made with farm-fresh organic ingredients.
  • 1:30 PM: Explore the Chitlang village and gain knowledge of its fascinating history and culture.
  • 2:30 PM: Take a leisurely walk to the Kulekhani Dam and enjoy the scenic views
  • 3:30 PM: Return to the organic farm and sip some tea or fresh juice.
  • 4:30 PM: Drive from Chitlang back to Kathmandu.
  • 6:00 PM: Arrive back in Kathmandu

Besides this, you can also extend your stay and enjoy adventures at Chitlang Organic Village Resort. You can opt for boating, paragliding, lake trips, sight-viewing, hiking trails, and zip-lining facilities that the resort has to offer. The hills of Chitlang become more vibrant and the rich cultural experiences are enlightened during festivities.

Essentials for Chitlang Picnic Spot

You can customize your picnic delights in the eye-captivating landscapes and green terrain of Chitlang. While discovering and enjoying the heart of Chitlang, bringing picnic essentials is a good choice. You can pack your bag with homemade snacks, juices, refreshment drinks, and napkins, and also have a comfortable space for enjoying. Make sure you also bring napkins, reusable cups, a picnic mat, sun protection, and your cameras to enjoy the great experience Chitlang offers you. Downloading your favorite songs, bringing recreational tools, and enjoying each other’s company would amuse your day trip. Isn’t it entertaining to get lost in the adventurous Chitlang picnic spot with loved ones by your side?

Accommodation Options for Chitlang Picnic Spot

Looking for a comfortable stay? You can get a range of accommodation options in Chitlang Village, starting off from small tents to large cottages in Chitlang Organic Village Resort. Usually, the price of small tents starts from Rs 1,700 per night. These eco-friendly cottages are one of the major attractions for tourists. It also facilitates the visitors to have encounters with rural and cultural lifestyles in a calm and peaceful atmosphere. In Chitlang Organic Village Resort, the package starts from NRS 3,000 per person, inclusive of guest services, accommodation facilities, and meals, provided by the village resort.

The Hotel, Leisure, and Hospitality Industry are thriving, and you can get an A-class cultural, natural, and hospitality experience here in Chitlang Organic Village Resort.

Local Cuisine Of Chitlang Picnic Spot

You can also explore culinary delights and local dishes in the organic hub of Chitlang Picnic Spot which comes straight from farm to table with traditional flavors. You can explore the savory local cuisine and also explore the locality by connecting with the native people living there.
The local and popular food of Chitlang, especially is Dhido, Chicken, Fish, Fresh dairy products, Nepali curry, and roasted meat. You can explore the local taste, and cuisine, and even interact with local people to make your day filled with traditional and organic practices.


Indeed, Chitlang can be a peaceful yet amusing picnic destination for your family. You can get hinged with the cultural, culinary, and unforgettable scenic beauty of Chitlang. The serene landscapes, blooming culture, tapestry, and experiences in Chitlang will call to offer. When beauty meets culture, you can embark on a delightful experience exploring the place. And what else would be more interesting than planning Chitlang as a perfect picnic getaway, ideally for the next time?